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Welcome to Grái Kötturinn!


We are open every day of the week from 08:00 to 14:00 (2 PM). 

We can not reserve tables - you just have to show up with your smile! 

We offer you the best coffee in town and a breakfast/lunch that will keep your tummy full for the whole day. 

We are especially proud of our bread and pancakes, that we make in our kitchen. We also make our own tuna salad and hoummous . The Truck is our signature dish with it's American pancakes, bacon, potatoes, fried eggs, tomatoes and toast. Our coffee is also our pride and joy. But you will not know unless you try, so, please visit our little coffee house.


Grái kötturinn opened it's door in October 1997. The owners were husband and wife, local artists, Jón Óskar and Hulda Hákon. After twenty years of serving coffee and breakfast they sold the establishment to their friends, another couple. So, Grái kötturinn is still family owned and operated, now by the husband and wife; Asmundur and Elín.

The name

Grái kötturinn means The Grey Cat. There is a saying in Icelandic that if you linger around the same place for a long time and frequently, then you are like grey cat to that place. Before the restaurant opened there was a jewelry maker in the same location. And strangely enough, there was a grey cat that used to visit the jeweler and hang around.  So, the name is from that grey cat, (no-one knew where it came from or where it lived) - that hanged around - like a grey  cat :)

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